Stock Screening Service Reviews

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Welcome to Screeners.Finance, a collection of helpful reviews of investment screening services and trade scanners. On this web site, the pros and cons of a variety of scanning services designed to improve your investing and trading are reviewed. We have been granted access to all features of each web site in order to perform a thorough review.

What is a stock screener?

A stock screener works by scanning through hundreds or even thousands of stock charts to find stocks that match a certain criteria. You can search for stocks based on their long-term growth prospects or you can search for stocks displaying a specific high probability technical setup.

Which stock screener is the best?

There are a wide variety of stock scanners available today. It can be difficult to find the best stock or options scanner because each service has its strengths and weaknesses. Some screening services are more appropriate for long-term investors seeking information about dividends and fundamentals, whereas some screeners should be considered indispensable for day traders seeking technical patterns for after hours trades or penny stocks. Some services have extensive information on option spreads, yet others have no information related to options trading at all. It is important to choose the best service based on your choice of market and your trading frequency in order to apply the most beneficial filters.

Each service reviewed on this web site has been reviewed by Kyle Mason. Mr. Mason holds a master's degree in international finance from the Texas A&M University system and is an avid trader of stocks, options and forex.